Whether you are a professional landscaper, or in search of unique plants for your home, garden or office, Haritha Agri can be your source for plants.

In addition to being centrally located and convenient Our Sustainable Farming has ample space for a large display of wide variety of plants and garden accessories.

The variety of plants available at our Haritha Agri includes
  • flowering shrubs,
  • palms,
  • trees,
  • hanging plants,
  • ornamental indoor & outdoor plants,
  • medicinal plants,
  • landscaping plants,
  • ground covers,
  • fruit plants
  • creepers, etc.

Apart from plants, we also deal in
  • Plastic, Terracotta & Ceramic Pots
  • Fertilisers
  • Potting Mixes
  • Garden Tools
  • Moss Sticks
  • Watering Cans, etc.
This makes Haritha Agri Sustainable Farming 'A One Stop Shop' for all plant enthusiasts.

It is of utmost importance for proper nurturing of a plant, that a plant grower understands the needs of their plants. To help our customers with this information, our helpful sales staff willingly answers all queries and clears all doubts of our customers.