Bio-degradable plastics are completely or partially bio-degradable plastics. They are a perfect sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

A sustainable alternative to traditional plastics, bioplastics are plastics that are fully or partially biobased, and/or biodegradable or compostable. In other words, they are plastics that are made from renewable resources (plants like corn, tapioca, potatoes, sugar and algae), and they will break down faster than traditional plastics, which are typically made from petroleum, and other fossil resources such as natural gas.

Bio-degradable plastic resins are cost effective and are environmentally safe and a perfect solution to meet the demands of consumer and industrial needs.

We supply PLA, PHB, PHBV, PPC, Succinic Acid, Starch based resins which are certified ASTM D6400 or EN 13432 standards for compostability, Many grades have BPI and/or DIN Certco certification.

Resins Supplied by Singularis Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can be used in making of compostable packaging Plastic, Plastic Films and many other day to day plastic utilities.